What is the shelf life of hookah tobacco?

Can hookah tobacco go bad?

21.08.22 - 12:00

How long can hookah tobacco be smoked?

Again and again we receive the question of how long Shisha tobacco can be smoked. We would now like to answer this question and tell you the most important things about it.

What is the shelf life of unopened hookah tobacco?

Unopened hookah tobacco can be kept for a really long time under the right conditions. It is essential that the storage and packaging of the tobacco are optimal. It is best if the tin is sealed airtight or the tobacco is sealed in a plastic bag. In addition, the tobacco should be stored in a relatively cool and, above all, dark place. Recently, one of our team found an eight-year-old unopened tobacco tin from a manufacturer that has long since ceased to exist. Out of curiosity, we smoked the tobacco and lo and behold: the smoke development and taste were excellent!

How long is the shelf life of opened hookah tobacco?

Here the whole thing looks a little different because with opened hookah tobacco quite the flavors and also the moisture can evaporate relatively quickly. If the tobacco is well stored, then you can, of course, smoke it a little longer than if you would leave it in the blazing sun on the balcony. Nevertheless, we believe that you should consume the tobacco within half a year once the tin is open!

What should you pay attention to when storing hookah tobacco?

In short, hookah tobacco should always be stored away from light, in a cool, airtight and dry place to preserve its shelf life and flavor intensity.

For all those who would like to have more information on this topic, we have already written a separate blog post some time ago, but it is still up to date: The correct Shisha tobacco storage.

Is there an indication that the tobacco can no longer be used?

Yes, if the tobacco is very dry or almost no longer smells, then in most cases you can assume that the tobacco will no longer be so good to smoke.

FAQ about the shelf life of hookah tobacco

What is the shelf life of unopened hookah tobacco?

If the packaging is good, then very very long.

What is the shelf life of opened hookah tobacco?

In our opinion, tobacco from open tins should be used up within one year.

What influences the shelf life of hookah tobacco?

The storage of the tobacco is decisive for the shelf life!

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