How do I clean the hookah properly?

This way you keep the shisha nice and clean....

24.08.22 - 12:47
To get a good taste when smoking hookah, it is important to clean the hookah regularly. In addition, you should clean especially hookahs, which are not made of stainless steel, very thoroughly, because these can become very quickly unsightly by stubborn dirt. So you know how to get your hookah properly clean and what tools there are, we write here this blog post.

What cleaning agents are there?

Above all, when cleaning hookah, it is important to know the right cleaning agents that neutralize the smell without damaging the material of your beloved hookah. Basically, you can divide the different cleaners into three different categories:

Hookah cleaners in powder form:
  • Schmandweg
  • Something to make clean

Shisha cleaner for spraying:
  • hookahClean
  • Shisha Cleaner Powerful

Household products
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Denture cleaner
  • Lemon juice

What additional cleaning products should you have?

In addition to one or two of the cleaning products, we would recommend two additional things: a long and thin brush for the smoke column and the dip tube, as well as the cleaning beads from Rauchkultur No. 1. These are excellent for cleaning the vase, as you can reach every corner of the vase perfectly with them.

Now to the procedure of cleaning the hookah:

Disassemble the hookah completely!
Disassemble the entire hookah into all its individual parts, so that you can really clean it completely from all sides.

Empty the vase!
If you still have dirty water in the bowl, empty it out now.

Hold all parts underwater!
Now you should hold all parts under the water tap to remove the coarse dirt already now.

The base, the dip tube and the smoke column...
Clean them by putting a drop of dishwashing liquid or a shisha spray cleaner on a brush and scrubbing the inside of the three components.

The vase...
The bowl will be as good as new again, if you put in a cleaning agent of your choice from the list above together with water and let the whole thing stand for a while. Then dump out the water and give the bowl a good rinse. For stubborn dirt you can now use the cleaning beads from Rauchkultur.

Rinse all parts again with clear tap water, dry everything and reassemble everything. After that, your hookah is sparkling clean again and the next bowl tastes great :)

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