Review: Steamulation Xpansion Mini

The next Steamulation Revolution!

25.08.22 - 17:29
Today we want to introduce you to the Xpansion Mini from Steamulation.

What is the Xpansion Mini?

The Xpansion Mini is the first plug-in pipe from Steamulation. Like all Steamulation pipes, it is manufactured in Germany. Particularly noteworthy in this hookah is the novel Xpansion technology, which makes it possible to change the diameter of the bowl seal and thus adapt to any imaginable plug bowl! In addition, you can choose from up to 32 different blowoffs! Also the dip tube of the Xpansion Mini is adjustable in 6 different lengths.

Quality of the hookah

Not much really needs to be said here. Steamulation typical, the Xpansion Mini belongs to the top class in terms of quality. There is nothing to complain about!

Smoking behavior

The smoking behavior of the Xpansion is very pleasant. The draw is perfect and not too light or heavy.

Scope of delivery and price

The scope of delivery includes everything you could possibly want:

  • Steamulation Xpansion Mini
  • X Blowoff with blowoff plate
  • A sleeve of your choice
The price of the hookah is 199,90€. This price is in our opinion more than just fair, because the hookah is produced in Germany, the scope of delivery is extremely extensive and the pipe has a feature built by the Xpansion technology, which has never been on the market!


If you are looking for a very good plug pipe with excellent workmanship and smoking behavior, the Xpansion Mini is very well advised!

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