Review: Kaloud Krysalis Calix

Premium desk hookah!

22.08.22 - 18:40
Today we want to introduce you to the particularly unusual Kaloud Calix, a very unusual house from the house of Kaloud, probably the most famous HMD manufacturer of the hookah scene.


The Calix is available in different colors and delivery scopes (only the hookah or hookah with accessories), therefore the price range of the hookah is also relatively large and amounts to between €300 and €600.


The hookah is mostly made of silicone and is assembled somewhat differently than other hookahs. For example, the bowl adapter and the dip tube hang together. There is also an activated carbon filter in the dip tube, which is supposed to filter some of the pollutants from the smoke. The vase itself consists of two different sized "chambers", the smaller vase is the water container which only holds about 100ml of water. The other chamber is there for the smoke. The workmanship of the hookah is excellent and the materials look very high quality! Furthermore, you can accommodate an LED in the bottom of the hookah, which comes in this pipe fantastic!
The hose connections and the blow-off valves can be easily plugged into one of the three universal connectors of the hookah, which allows you to freely decide where you want the hose and where you want the valves.

Smoking behavior

The Calix is very pleasant to smoke. The smoking behavior and blowoff are magnificent and in our opinion fit perfectly as is.


The Kaloud Calix is a good hookah, which is processed in high quality, can be smoked very well and looks extraordinary. All in all, a hookah with which you cannot go wrong. Only the price is relatively high.

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