Sadomango von Hype


Infos zum Sadomango

Hersteller: Hype
Tabakname: Sadomango
Geschmack: Mango
Grundtabak: Burley
Herkunftsland: Russland


Six months ago, my Bro invited me to go to Amsterdam for the ultratestiest and huge palm sized DUDE,PALM SIZED! Wee ... Well, you understand me! After using and having tried the local stuff we went to a nearby pub. There we immediately picked up two asian sisters. Do You like asian girls?) I don’ t remember the name of ma girl, but babe which called Mango me and my bro will remember for a long time. My dirty friend and his new girlfriend locked themselves in the toilet, but after about 5 minutes he ran out with a piece of shell which hooked to his hand by handcuffs and I realized that we need to go out. Hah man, listen ha-ha ​​... his girlfriend Mango was not a girl for real. She was a man! Man who wants to teach my bro how to doggie. Wahaha! I’m not kidding you, bro! Europe is strange, dude! Always when I smoke this tobacco I remember this story and start to laughing as much as Mango wants to get my Bro.

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