Suck my Bottle von Hype

Suck my Bottle

Infos zum Suck my Bottle

Hersteller: Hype
Tabakname: Suck my Bottle
Geschmack: Cola
Grundtabak: Burley
Herkunftsland: Russland


When I was at college one dude average a coolest party in his house. And also he invited girls from high classes. Yes,chiks were awesome. Alcogol was everywhere, man!!! And we get drunk so fast. Someone of us what to swim in the pool, someone went to the 2nd floor. Dat guy, who invited all of us has paied special attention to one of chicks – Kylie. He overestimated his strength and getting f*cking nutz after tequila. Kylie was blessed by God, cause for her happiness that dude fell asleep, and she came to the pool.When we all returned, we found him on the couch and sucking an empty bottle of coke. He did it so actively that even the undergraduates envied him. This video was the most popular among college as well as tobacco Suck my bottle.

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