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Hey, tell me, do you like to ruffle sometimes? Come on! Okay, don’t tell me nothing. You really looks like mother’s rowdy! Eh, I remember how at the beginning of 00’s we did mad things. You can’t even imagine it, bro. It was f*cking awesome. Do you know why Liam doesn’t have a left little finger? br> He was bitten off by the narrow-eyed kid, when he played basketball in the Chinatown. These yellows are mad, I promise you! And somehow once a seller in a fruit bar owes us money for ... hm, especially it doesn’t matter. And we wanted to show him a lesson. We hijacked his van. Everything should be all right, if we weren’t fit into the nearest fireplug, and there were no cops behind us. All the fruits that were in the van became smoothie and we were completely in this slurry. Liam from added his own slurry, meh! At the police station we were absolutely in this fruit shit! Our clothes, shoes, everything! We were nicknamed Fruit Rampagers. I thi

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Marke: Hype
Tabakname: Rampage
Geschmack: Ananas, Aprikose, Kokosnuss
Grundtabak: Burley
Herkunftsland: Russland

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