The right hookah tobacco storage

How to store tobacco properly?

23.08.22 - 12:30

Can, jar, zipper, safe..what now?

Who does not know it, the tobacco tins pile up and you also can not smoke everything at the same time. The tobacco loses flavor or dries out over time. Most of you will most likely store the tobacco in the tobacco tins from the manufacturer which is actually not bad. SmokeDex still wants to show alternatives in which you can store tobacco and what you should consider when storing it.
Storage option

The OVP from the manufacturer

In my opinion the worst storage method. The plastic tins are only in the rarest cases properly sealed. You can easily check this. Fill the empty can with water, screw on the lid and turn it over. If the water comes out, the can is leaking. Even if only a little water comes out, I would not take the can. You can often tell that the plastic is not very tight when you screw it on. If you decant the tobacco in a zipper, you can take the can but of course as storage for Selbigen. I would only transfer tobacco directly into the tin if I actually know that the tobacco will be smoked away in a few days.

Zip pouch (zipper or pressure seal pouch).

Still one of the most popular options. Very inexpensive and also available at almost any good supermarket. Also stores for office supplies (e.g. Büroland, Office-Discount) often have a rich selection of different sizes. The handling is very simple, fill the tobacco into the bag, press out the air and squeeze the plastic closure. Unfortunately, even these zippers are not 100% leak-proof, molasses and odor can also escape here, but it takes longer until this case occurs. Several weeks or 1-2 months should not be a problem. But if you have a special tobacco that you enjoy only occasionally or know right away that you do not steam away in 4 weeks, then rather go directly to Lock & Lock tins or jars. It helps if you put the waived tobacco again in another zipper and also close it. Zippers are also the first choice when you want to ship tobacco. They stay flat and store well in a shipping envelope. Here, too, it is advisable to double-zip, because a full envelope in the mailbox is not nice. It is also not worthwhile to buy the cheapest bags, which are only slightly thicker than air.

Lock & Lock tins (and comparable replicas)

Lock & Lock tins are an invention of the kitchen industry. They are storage tins for all kinds of stuff, food or even tobacco. The tins have a closure with usually 4 flaps that lock firmly in place and hold the lid in place with silicone seal. The tins are considered absolutely airtight and watertight. Lock & Lock cans are available in all imaginable shapes, colors and fill volumes from 50ml to swimming pool and they can be neatly stacked and organized. The tins are also ideal for moistening raw tobacco with concentrate yourself. Unfortunately, it can happen that the plastic takes on the smell of molasses after some time, which you can not get away virtually. If you want to store the same tobacco in it again, no problem. If you want a different flavor, a new tin is recommended. Depending on where you buy the tins, the price starts at around 1.50 euros, depending on the size and shape. As for the many replicas: Several tests with cheaper boxes from Aldi, Lidl, Norma and Co. have shown that their tightness is sometimes worse. Of course, this varies depending on the manufacturer of the can or box, there are dozens of replicas. I would advise you to rely on the originals, the price difference is negligible in my opinion.

Marmalade - or honey jars, with swing stopper or preserving jars.

These jars also offer very good shelf life at low cost. The metal screw cap seals well, the jars are available in many sizes and stack well. Big advantage is the jar does not take on any odor. If you want to change the tobacco, one trip in the dishwasher is enough and the thing is like new. If you can find a beekeeper in your area, you have a good chance to get such jars for a good price, especially if you buy several at once. Otherwise, jam jars can also be found in supermarkets. In larger chains such as Walmart you can also find the so-called jars. You may still know them from grandmas time, when it came to cooking marmalade or the fruit and vegetable harvest was preserved. These jars have a notch on the top in which a wide rubber seal. Together with the swing stopper, this combination offers probably the best storage for your precious tobacco. However, the jars are also a bit more expensive, which is noticeable if you always want to have many different varieties in stock.

SmokeDex Tip:

For larger quantities of tobacco (150g/200g/1000g), a light-protected canning jar is a good idea. It serves the purpose and looks good at the same time.

Storage location

Very briefly a few sentences about the storage place itself. Ideal is for example a pantry. It is dark, dry and at room temperature. Against the effect of light, of course, also a box or simply opaque cans helps. SmokeDex tip: Get a cabinet in your shisha room, especially for your tobacco selection. Tobacco has no place in the refrigerator. Why should it? If you put your tobacco in the fridge, it can get damaged by condensation and loses its smoothness. So, I hope I could give you a small overview with this article, how you store your good stuff best, without the aroma goes down the drain after a short time. Nothing is more annoying than when the expensive tobacco tastes only half as good after a short time. Of course, these are not rules, for which type you decide is up to you.

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