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Create your very own mix on SmokeDex. In the category Mixology you can create your very own mix from the tobaccos listed on SmokeDex. Mixology is like a big cookbook for the perfect shisha pleasure. Everyone knows it, when you once again have an almost empty tobacco can at home, from which you can’t fill your bowl completely. If you are in this situation, you usually start randomly mixing together any kind of tobacco. In most cases, this mix tastes so good that you absolutely have to write it down and remember it. With the Mixology function on SmokeDex this is easily possible. Just enter your personal favorite mix and share it with the community. If you are not a random mixer, but deliberately just try out different mixes and mix together different tobaccos from different brands, you can enter your best creations in the same way. Together with the SmokeDex community we want to create the world's largest shisha cookbook!

All mixes and combinations are allowed be it banana with rose or something very simple like three different lemon tobaccos with mint, because you assume that only so the perfect lemon mint tobacco can taste. In this hookah cookbook really everything is allowed and of course you can 'recreate' everything. Also, as a SmokeDex user, you can recreate the different blends in Mixology and add them to your bowl counter. SmokeDex typical you can also recommend the tobacco mixes of other users. SmokeDex Mixology is intended to be a public notebook for the best mixes from around the world. A cookbook for the worldwide hookah scene, so that everyone can see which tobaccos are mixed and smoked the most in the different countries. A new step to make the world's largest hookah network, SmokeDex, even bigger and more useful!

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