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World's leading database of shisha reviews, hookah shops and hookah cafes as well as hookahs

With more than 11,000 different products, SmokeDex is the world's leading hookah database!

Seit 2016 gibt es diese Shisha Datenbank und sie wird täglich erweitert. Bis Anfang 2019 war SmokeDex eine reine Shisha Tabak Datenbank mit mehr als 9.000 Tabaksorten. Doch seit kurzem listet SmokeDex nicht nur Shisha Tabak, sondern Shishas selbst auch.

Täglich kommen neue Einträge hinzu und alte Einträge werden archiviert, damit man auch in Zukunft noch Informationen zu diesen Produkten finden kann. Diesen kostenfreien Service nutzen mehr als 1.500 Personen am Tag, die mehr als 150.000 Seitenaufrufe generieren.

WICHTIG: Wir sehen SmokeDex als Community Projekt, dass sich täglich verändert und erweitert wird. Diese Masse an Informationen können wir nich mit unserem kleinen Team alleine Verarbeiten, deshalb brauchen wir die Unterstützung von Hersteller und der Community! Sollte ihr einen Fehler finden, oder eine Information haben, die wir noch nicht eingepflegt haben, könnt ihr uns jederzeit kontaktieren!

Handy, Tablet und PC

Scaleble on various devices

SmokeDex was programmed responsive and is therefore perfectly shown on all devices! Wether you’re sitting in front of your desktop, or you’re online with your tablet sitting on your couch, even with your smartphone outside! You can use SmokeDex anytime and anywhere!

You can find everything

Versatile filterable

You can search through the whole database with a big variety of filters. Searching for Shisha for a summerday? SmokeDex will find it for you! You’re searching for a specific fruit? In SmokeDex you’ll find it! You search a producer? Even that is possible with SmokeDex!

Daily updates

Breaking news

As we work together with many of the big producers, we can provide you the newest informations, flavors or products as one of the first websites on the world wide web. We also update our database daily!

Even more features!

SmokeDex 2.0 holds many new features for you!

Modern Design

All elements are new designed to be up to date

Newest programming technics

We work with the newest programming technics

Optimized pagespeed

All sites are loaded faster with less use of data capacity

New way to filter

We added many new options in order to describe the shisha better you’re searching for

Extended possibilities to rate shisha

Rating shisha was extended, now you have more possibilities to give your feedback

Extended with Hookah

In addition to the 9,000 shisha flavors you can now also inform yourself about different hookah models!










Optimized for all devices

Nowerdays it’s essential for websites to be shown optimally on any device. Therefore SmokeDex is programmed responsive and smokedex’s content is shown to you perfectly on any device you use!

That’s how you find every single information on the shisha you’re searching for, no matter where you are at the moment. All PC’s and MAC’s, together with every modern browser will give you a perfect image of SmokeDex. Even on tablets or other mobile devices at home or out and about show you what you searched for.

All images are treated with a special software, that’s why they do not waste all of your data volume when you are not at home but you get everything you wanted in the perfect quality you deserve.

What producers can say about SmokeDex


SmokeDex ist eine sehr praktische Erfindung. Als Hersteller wird unser Tabak perfekt dargestellt und selbst als Shisha Shop benutzen wir SmokeDex für unsere Kunden als Tabak Übersicht.

Taner Duran Headshot Tobacco

Bei der Vielzahl an Geschmacksrichtungen verliert man mittlerweile leicht den Überblick. SmokeDex bietet eine beeindruckende und trotzdem übersichtliche Datenbank mit nahezu allen Herstellern und hilft jedem Shisharaucher, sich im „Tabakdschungel“ zurecht zu finden.

Max Held hookahSqueeze
Victory Hookah Tobacco

Smokedex ist eine geniale Plattform.Sie hilft uns Herstellen dabei,unsere Produkte vorzustellen. Ebenfalls ist es sehr hilfreich für die Endkunden, da die Seite immer auf dem aktuellsten Stand ist.

Soner Bayram Victory Hookah Tobacco

Let us explain how SmokeDex works

SmokeDex is run by ambitious hookah-users with many years of experience and knowledge on that topic and the market surrounding them. We saw brands and concerns rising and disappearing. Great and with a big PR announced brands promised a second ElDorado and ended up with nothing but idle words. Over the last few years the hookah-scene had a complete boom, especially n Germany. Many people wanted immediately a slice of this cake, so the market is as confusing as it was never before. The new TPD2 law, introduced in 2016, didn’t make it better. From that moment on it is forbidden to print on labels with names or pictures of anything on it that can give a clue of what’s inside. One can imagine the chaos concerning shisha, which mostly contents flavors of fruits or mint. Right now, producers work on an elegant way to come across this law in order to let people know what they buy without saying anything explicit. On top of that, Shisha has to show shocking images of e.g. smokers’ lungs on at least 65% of its package. That was the moment we founded SmokeDex. Here you can find all information you need to pick the shisha that fits you the most. We outspoken tell you what the shisha was named before all the changes and what’s its flavor is, according to the producers. Over the time, there will be more and more informations to the different flavors, because at the end of the day it’s not what the package looks like, but what’s inside. The team behind SmokeDex is a group of well known names and (YouTube-)faces right from the hookah-scene. With their help already founded europe’s biggest hookah-info-website - SV! Together we give our best and all of our knowledge to keep you up to date. Have fun with SmokeDex - the worlds leading Shisha Database!

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