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The platform SmokeDex has been around since 2016 and is now the world's largest hookah community. Several thousand users a day use SmokeDex and inform themselves about shisha tobacco varieties, shisha shops, shisha cafes and hookahs. With more than 17,000 different products you can share your opinion and collect SmokeCoins and earn free hookah rewards!

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Personally, it is also important for me to mention that SmokeDex is a community project. We only manage the project, but YOU are responsible for the quality of the platform. Therefore, I ask you to always write high-quality reviews that help other users in their decision! With the amount of different tobaccos, shops, cafes and hookahs we can miss one or the other, so you can always contact us by mail, WhatsApp or Instagram if something is missing! We will try to add it to SmokeDex as soon as possible!

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Array ( [0] => Array ( [id] => 99 [name] => Bergamot [beschreibung] => The bergamot can be thought of as a blend of lemon and bitter orange. Bergamot combines the sweet and sour aroma of lemon with the slightly bitter taste of orange. Often the bergamot is used in multiple flavoured shisha. [image_name] => Bergamotte [link_name] => Bergamot [link_name_es] => Bergamota [countSorten] => 29 ) [1] => Array ( [id] => 5 [name] => Banana [beschreibung] => The Banana is a fruit known to everyone from the southern countries of the world. Everyone knows the banana as a sweet & creamy snack. So how about a banana shisha occasionally? [image_name] => Banane [link_name] => Banana [link_name_es] => Plátano [countSorten] => 151 ) [2] => Array ( [id] => 111 [name] => Alcohol [beschreibung] => Enjoy the taste of alcohol without running the risk of drinking too much?! - That's fine. - with shisha in the flavors Gin Tonic, Hugo, Jacky etc. [image_name] => Alkohol [link_name] => Alcohol [link_name_es] => Alcohol [countSorten] => 167 ) [3] => Array ( [id] => 4 [name] => Apricot [beschreibung] => Apricots get pretty sweet when they get ripe. More immature apricots are still a bit sour. This is also reflected in many shisha. The variety also ranges from sour to sweet. [image_name] => Aprikose [link_name] => Apricot [link_name_es] => Albaricoque [countSorten] => 33 ) [4] => Array ( [id] => 107 [name] => Basil [beschreibung] => To a successful pasta belongs the tomato sauce as well as basil. Basil has this distinctive, strong, special taste. So why shouldn't there be shisha with basil on the market? A very strong in taste, spicy & ethereal basil shisha best rounded with a mild yoghurt note should be with any pasta lover as a dessert on the menu. [image_name] => Basilikum [link_name] => Basil [link_name_es] => Albahaca [countSorten] => 10 ) [5] => Array ( [id] => 41 [name] => Almond [beschreibung] => At a time of the year you can not miss almonds. At Christmas, almonds are just as much a must as oranges. Whether processed in cookies or as raw almond kernels one is confronted with it. Of course, a delicious sweet, slightly nutty almond shisha must not be missing. Furthermore, there are some Christmas varieties in the Christmas season in which the almond flavor can not be missing. [image_name] => Mandel [link_name] => Almond [link_name_es] => Almendra [countSorten] => 54 ) [6] => Array ( [id] => 3 [name] => Apple [beschreibung] => Pears come from the same genus as apples , but have less fruit acid. This is also noticeable in shisha. Pear shisha is very pleasant, soft to smoke and has a delicious sweetness. [image_name] => Apfel [link_name] => Apple [link_name_es] => Manzana [countSorten] => 331 ) [7] => Array ( [id] => 122 [name] => Aloe [beschreibung] => Aloe is a species of the aphid plants and comes from the Arabian peninsulas. The taste of this plant is spicy / slightly bitter. A shisha for those who like to smoke exceptional shisha. [image_name] => Aloe [link_name] => Aloe [link_name_es] => Aloe vera [countSorten] => 7 ) [8] => Array ( [id] => 2 [name] => Anise [beschreibung] => Everyone who's had a Ouzo after eating out in a Greek Restaurant will know how Anise tastes like. Herbal, spicy, Medicinal with a slight tingle in your Mouth down your throat. Anise, many people call it Licorice, is well known as the signature Flavour of Double Apple. Newcomers expect a sweet and fruity Apple, and get knocked off their Feet by the unexpected strong Licorice . Experienced smokers Love the flavour for its strong, full bodied Anise flavour. But there is no doubt its a polarizing flavour. Either you hate it or love it. [image_name] => Anis [link_name] => Anise [link_name_es] => Anís [countSorten] => 220 ) [9] => Array ( [id] => 130 [name] => Acai [beschreibung] => The acai berry is the fruit of the cabbage palm and especially in Brazil the fruit is very popular. The taste can be argued, some describe it as nutty / chocolaty, the others as chocolaty with forest fruit flavor. The fruit became known by being the content of several energy drinks. [image_name] => Acai [link_name] => Acai [link_name_es] => Acai [countSorten] => 33 ) )

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SmokeDex is run by ambitious hookah smokers who have acquired a lot of experience and knowledge about hookah and the ever-evolving market around it over the years. We saw brands and the companies behind them appear and disappear again. Big brands, announced with a lot of marketing, which announced the Eldorado and then became a pipe burst. Over the last few years, hookah has experienced a real boom, especially in Germany. Since many people naturally wanted a quick piece of the pie, the market has never been so confusing. With the new TPD2 law, which was enacted in 2016, the situation is not getting any better. In the future, no names or images may be printed on the tobacco cans that allow a conclusion to be drawn about the content. With tobacco that is largely sold with fruit flavoring or mint, you can imagine the chaos. Currently, manufacturers are working to elegantly circumvent the law with their creations, so that you can still somehow recognize what you are buying. In addition, shisha tobacco is now also affected by the shock images, whole 65% ds of packaging must now be decorated with the repulsive images. For this reason, we have created the platform SmokeDex. Here you will find all the information you need to choose your tobacco. We tell you bluntly what the tobacco was called before the change and what it tastes like according to the manufacturer. Over time, more information will be added to the individual varieties, because after all, the packaging can look however it wants - in the end, it's the content that counts. The SmokeDex team consists of well-known names and (YouTube) faces of the hookah scene. With this help, we have already launched Europe's largest shisha info website - SmokeVote! Together we give our best and all our knowledge to keep you up to date. Have fun on SmokeDex - The world's largest shisha network!

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