Do I need an expensive hookah?

are cheap hookahs also fun?

25.11.22 - 12:34
Many people ask us again and again whether you need an expensive hookah to smoke. We want to go into this question in more detail in this blog post.

What are the differences between an expensive and a cheaper hookah?

The main difference between expensive and slightly cheaper hookahs is likely to be in the workmanship and features.

While expensive manufacturers place great emphasis on even the smallest details, other manufacturers may find that, for example, the charcoal plate is a little sharp-edged or something similar is not quite as perfect.

In addition, manufacturers of high-priced pipes often have sophisticated and patented features that are not available in any other hookah.

Are the better workmanship and additional features a must?

No, absolutely not. While every hookah should be able to boast a minimum level of quality, some already do, and can be had for under €100.

Also, the additional features of some pipes are nice to have and definitely make a lot of things easier, but it must be said quite clearly that it also works without.


We think that you can definitely have fun smoking even with "cheap" hookahs, as long as some basic things are in place. The high-priced pipes are fun, but are not a basic requirement to be able to smoke a head.

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