How to make smoke rings with your Hookah?

How does it work?

23.11.22 - 14:56
Many new hookah fans are probably wondering how to make rings with the smoke of hookah. Unfortunately, this is not so simple and requires some practice. Nevertheless, we want to bring you here two of the somewhat beginner-friendly techniques closer, with which one can achieve quite already good results.

Technique No. 1 - Jaw technique:

In the jaw technique, you keep the smoke in your mouth and form your lips into an O like a fish. Then you move your lower jaw a little bit jerky and exhale a little bit. This way you get relatively many and also fast rings shot out of your mouth.

Technique No. 2 - The cheek tapping technique:

With this technique you form your lips again to an O and keep the smoke in your mouth, however, you should not move your jaw here if possible, but simply tap with your fingers on a cheek, whereby the smoke should also be shot out in rings. The disadvantage with this technique is that the rings dont come out as consistently here as they do with the first one. Still, you get a ring here and there.

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