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What is a hookah Reviewer / Creator?

If a scene or a market becomes larger, then of course many different opinions are formed about the many different products that exist. Of course, influencers and reviewers, the so-called creators, must not be missing to evaluate and test different products. Since Shisha became big in Germany, there are these opinion makers, the first were among others the ShishaWarenTester and Atomhamster. At the current time, there are countless reviewers on various channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Currently, the best-known YouTube creators in the field of hookah are Schmitty, Doelid and ShishaWarenTester. On Instagram, the best-known shisha influencers include Kvssel, Hookaze and HookahCrewGermany. In Facebook, there are many review pages that reflect their personal opinions on tobacco and pipes.

What exactly is the job of a Creator?

The reviewer or influencer should present a product from the hookah market in the best possible way. The opinion is only a times secondary, but can still be called. The creator should therefore represent the product and make it palatable to the subscriber. Of course, all influencers in the shisha scene is the fun in the foreground, which is why any advertising intentions can be excluded. Of course, there are also sponsored posts to see from time to time but usually not. Or nevertheless? Let's leave that in the room.

What does all this have to do with SmokeDex?

Here on SmokeDex, an opinion about a product is given through the rating function. There, of course, the opinion makers number 1, the Creator, may not be missing. The various influencers get, if they want your own account and you as a SmokeDex user can support your favorite creator with a Creator Code. You can find out what this CreatorCode is on the respective social media platforms of the Influencers, Reviewers and Creators. Of course, the creators will also rate their favorite tobaccos on SmokeDex or reveal which head they smoked and when.

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