Advantages of a Premium SmokeDex Account!

What a premium account brings you!

Advanced features

SmokeDex Premium

We have been working on the SmokeDex project since 2016 and there has NEVER been a day when we haven't worked on SmokeDex, even if it was just adding new flavors. In the meantime we can offer you some great rewards, which we send to you free of charge. Since packages are sent to you almost every day, the cost of the project is also increasing.

We love the SmokeDex project and will continue to run it with endless passion. But we also want to develop further and not only deliver good work, but innovative! Our head is full of project ideas for SmokeDex and we will implement them.

If you like SmokeDex, and you believe in the project and want to support it, you now have the opportunity to do so. But we don't want to just ask you for money without getting anything in return. That's why we have thought of 3 different ways how you can support us and depending on the level of support you will get some back from us!

Support is not murder!

Various features

SmokeDex Premium User Features

As a Premium User you have more possibilities than a normal user and support SmokeDex with it!


No matter if you support Bronze, Silver or Gold - everyone should see that you are a SmokeDex supporter! In the ratings, your picture gets a badge in the color of your support level. On the badge you can also see how long you have been a SmokeDex supporter!


Starting from the bronze support level, you get advanced bowl statistics. You can see for example: Which manufacturer do I smoke the most? Which country does the tobacco come from? Which basic tobacco do I use? On which days of the week do I smoke the most?


At the silver and gold support level you will get FREE SmokeCoins every month.


As long as you support us with silver or gold you will get a DURABLE discount on EVERY order at our partner HookahFloW. To the hookah store HookahFloW


Gold Supporters can get various premium items in the SmokeDex Coinshop.


As a Premium User you get the possibility to give your ticket to more flavors. So you have the chance to push even more flavors that you think deserve it!


Gold Supporters get the chance to be part of the development of SmokeDex! We regularly ask you what you think about features or what we should develop next.